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Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre

Recover Quickly  | Train Smarter | Perform Better

Movement is a part of everyone’s daily life, no matter what age, gender or level of fitness. However, our ability to move can be affected or lost due to injury, disease or age. As Biokineticists, our aim is to prevent, maintain or improve one’s physical functionality and health care by prescribing scientifically based physical activity program prescription.


We use exercise-based rehabilitation for people who suffer from chronic disease, orthopedic injuries (pre and post op) and for people who want to improve their general health and wellness. In order to do this, we evaluate and measure the individual’s muscle strength, endurance, power, fitness, flexibility, lung function, blood glucose and blood pressure.


Fields of Expertise | Rehabilitation

Metabolic; Cardiac; Sport Injuries; General Conditioning;

Isokinetic Testing & Weight Loss


Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 5:00-19:00

Friday: 5:00-14:00

Contact Details:

+264 64 220 141

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