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Anna-Mart Kruger Physiotherapy is a healthcare practitioner registered with the Allied Health Profession’s Council of Namibia.

A Physiotherapist provides services to individuals to develop maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan, by scientific use of movement techniques based upon physiological principles.It includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors.

What Conditions can we treat?

Physiotherapy is multi-dimensional and can treat a vast variety of conditions. Primarily it focuses on the restoration and rehabilitation of the circulatory and musculo-skeletal systems; it can, however be used to treat conditions as diverse as sports injuries, arthritis and respiratory problems.

Muscular aches: the most common muscular pain is back and neck ache, which affects a high percentage of people. Physiotherapy can ease stiffness, reduce pain and encourage blood flow to the muscles. Massage therapy is also used to reduce tension around aching muscles.

Sports injuries: aches and pains are common following a frantic and physically demanding period of exertion. Often sports players have physiotherapy to ease aches as well as increase flexibility and ease stiffness. If an injury has occurred physiotherapy can facilitate the healing and rehabilitation process.

Arthritis: as people get older they are more likely to develop arthritits which affects the joints and can reduce mobility. Physiotherapy helps to ease stiffness in the joints and to increase blood flow to the muscles and enhance the range of physical movement. Physiotherapy can also help to build strength. The exercises are often gentler for older people who are usually more fragile.

Respiratory problems and Sinusitis: Patients suffering from conditions including pneumonia, asthma and lung cancer benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapists make use of Nebulization, Postural Drainage, Percussions and Vibration to help loosen secretions and improve air intake into the lungs. Physiotherapists can perform exercises, which help to clear the chest and ease breathing.

Rehabilitation: Recovery and Rehabilitation processes are instrumental to the well being of a patient especially in the case of a serious accidents, post-orthopedic surgery, sport injuries, postural issues as well as  cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.


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