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ViMove2 and it uses revolutionary wireless wearable sensors to objectively measure exactly how you move.In doing so,ViMove2 provides our team with visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve your assessments, choose and manage treatment options.

Lower Back

With ViMove2 Low Back, we can understand how you're moving both in and out of the clinic, and deliver tailored treatment programs that produce real results. ViMove2 Low Back can also assess patients in and out of the clinic for up to 24 hours to pinpoint areas of concern to better-understand the factors that are contributing to your condition. 


ViiMove2 allows our team to collect complex running data which cannot be seen by the human eye by assessing and comparing the impact of individual variables such as speed, gradient, footwear, and running technique. We can then prescribe a tailored exercise program based on the data collected to reduce your injury risk and improve performance.


With ViMove2 Knee, our team can assess knee kinematics when a patient is performing dynamic movements. This allows us to accurately measure range, speed and direction of knee movement in two planes while a performing high-speed tests such as vertical hop and squat.

Free brochure: https://www.dorsavi.com/au/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2017/05/ViMove2-Brochure-2.pdf

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