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The Training Shack

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Group Functional Training Workouts

A challenging functional training workout on many levels: metabolically, musculoskeletally, psychologically, the Functional Strength Training Groupclass focuses on full body training methodologies and the innovative tools that together push endurance parameters like no other training, building strength and muscular endurance


Endurance Coaching & Programming

Detailed daily program including specific targets for both duration and intensity. Short, medium and long term goal setting. Training structure that coach and athlete can view in real time and adapt if necessary. Regular benchmark testing to track and monitor progress.  Ongoing phone or email interaction as agreed, with regular feedback and analysis of training data.


Indirect Lactate Threshold Testing

The lactate threshold is a good predictor of submaximal fitness (e.g. what exercise pace can maintained over a prolonged period of time without fatigue), and depending on overall fitness level, is reached between 40 and 90% of an individual’s VO2 max.


Running Analysis

Analysis of an athlete’s running mechanics can be a valuable tool in the development of Speed, Agility, and Efficiency of Movement, as well as the prevention of future injuries. Post-analysis, a program can be designed to address any deficiencies or abnormal patterns that were discovered, with the goal of creating a stronger, faster, healthier, and more efficient athlete.


Office Hours

Tuesday: 5:00-18:00 | Thursday: 14:00-18:00 | Friday: 5:00-14:00

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